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Several integrated results (with more coming)

Here are some examples of instant results that we have already integrated into Infinity Search:

Search with privacy

Our service does not invade the privacy of our users. You can read more about this in our privacy policy. The important part is that we do not store any identifiable information about our users.

We have our own search indexes

While we retrieve results from other search engines like Bing and Wikipedia, we also have our own indexes of links that are displayed in our search results. We are actively working on improving these indexes and they will only get better.

We're open source

The whole Infinity Search system is open source and the code can be found at We have also created other projects on here that anyone can use for other purposes such as our analytics system and text analyzer.

We have dark mode

In the top right corner of most pages, there is a button to toggle dark mode. They will be integrated into all our pages in our next update.

We have bangs!

Bangs are a quick way for you to redirect your search to another site directly from our service.

If you have ever used DuckDuckGo before, we integrated the same bang feature as them so that you can redirect your searches to other websites directly from our site. Here is an example: searching for "!w hello world". Right now, we have the same ones as DuckDuckGo so you can use the same ones found at for now.

Infinity Search Pro (includes a free tier)

Our pro accounts get access to Infinity Bookmarks and Infinity Proxy, and get early access to our new indexes and features. If you are interested in Infinity Search Pro, you can learn more about it at

We're focused on improving our service

We love to hear feedback from our users so that we can improve and update our site. Anyone can give us feedback, even without an email, at